The purpose of Spirit's Cove Animal Rescue Co. is to provide quality care behavior assesment, and training for the homeless and abandonded animals of Northeastern Ohio in order to find welcoming, loving forever homes.  Our goal is to surfacethe human animal bondby providing individualized care and training for animals in addition to educatingthe communityabout animal behavior, overpopulation, and wellness care.  We also would like to be a resource for abused and neglected animals and give them emergency care and a second chance at a happy life!

Surgical Procedures


We have all necessary medical needs including spay and neuter's completed before adoption.

Phone Consulting


If you'd rather get answers before coming by the office, give us a call! All phone representatives are trained to help answer any of your questions.

Microchip Implant


Keeping track of your small pets can be difficult. Have peace of mind knowing you can find them at any time using a microchip tracker.

Transport Service


Transporting to and from Veterinarian or training facilities can be tricky.  We are in need of transports!!

Charity Report

We also work with several  animal rescue groups. Currently, the rescue groups are in need of volunteers and have many pets that are in need of a new home.

our partners

We work with several veterinarians, trainers, and fosters to make sure each animal and gets the best treatment.


The best way to prevent health issues and behavioral issues is through education and willingness to learn about your animal's health. 


Due to a significant number of requests, our team of specialists have created a handbook that lists common illnesses.

useful info

If you can't reach us, please email us at info@spiritscoveanimalrescue.org
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